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Tech Article - Front Clip Install

Mustang Monthly has posted a two-part installation feature on our weld-in front frame clip system complete with Coyote motor. Lots of photos!

Make sure to share it with your Mustang buddies and local shops.


NEW! - Weld-In
Frame Clip System

Total Control Products front subframe clip is a direct-fit, high-performance suspension solution designed for 1964-1970 Mustangs, featuring a factory-welded subframe with g-Machine double A-arm, rack-and-pinion crossmember.

  • Fits Coyote, LS, and Ford V8s
  • Stronger than OEM frame rails
  • Includes tower delete panels
    (also sold separately)
  • Coil-Over or Air-Spring shocks
TCP Front Frame Clip System


New Products  
Billet Vent Canister

Billet-Aluminum Vent Canister

Our top-quality, billet-aluminum vent canister system for gas tanks, rear ends and transmissions features a selection of mounting bracket and hoses kit options for greater installation flexibility.

Billet Vent Canister

Remote Breather Vent Kit

Provides components to add a -8 AN size, 40-micron sintered bronze vent to a fuel tank, rear axle housing or transmission, without routing through a reservoir canister.

Rack and Pinion Steering Systems '71-73 Mustang/Cougar Rack and Pinion Kits
Our patented line of high performance center-take-off rack and pinions enables correct geometry and a level of positive, direct steering that is not possible with adapted OEM units.
Adjustable Motor Mounts

Adjustable Motor Mounts

Whether working out exhaust or transmission clearance issues, or altering the engine position for improved weight distribution on your Mustang, Cougar or Falcon, a new set of adjustable small-block motor mounts from Total Control Products may be just what you’re looking for.

Custom-Fit Transmission Crossmember

Custom-Fit Transmission Crossmember

Whether altering drivetrain position or swapping in a non-factory transmission, the weld-in transmission crossmember kit is the correct part for the job.

Late-Model Transmission Adapter

Late-Model Transmission Adapter

Converts 2005-up Ford Mustang transmssion mount to common two-bolt pattern.

Shock Tower Deletes

Shock Tower Delete Panels

Make more room in your engine bay with TCP's shock tower delete panels. Panels are made from sturdy 14-gauge steel and come pre-drilled to save considerable time during installation.

Builder Wheel Tubs

Builder Wheel Tubs

The professional solution for street or race car use, assembled tubs measure 21” wide with 34” diameter. End caps feature a 1”-radius corner with offset lip for easy assembly and flush outer surface alignment.

Bolt-On Front Coil-Over Bolt-On Front Coil-Over
The new bolt-on coil-over is cost-effective suspension solution that enables suspension tuning and uses OEM or aftermarket control arms. Also avaialble in air-suspension version.
gStreet Anti-Roll Bar and Shock Packages

gStreet Anti-Roll Bar and Shock Packages

A selection of direct-replacement front and rear suspension upgrade packages; includes front and rear anti-roll bars matched with VariShock Bolt-Ins.

Panhard Bar System Panhard Bar System
A perfect compliment to your leaf-spring suspension, the TCP Panhard Bar System incorporates adjustable roll center geometry and sliding-link anti-roll bar adding suspension tuning features and greatly improved handling performance.


g-Bar Canted-4-Bar Rear Suspension

g-Bar Canted-4-Bar Suspension System
The g-Bar and g-Link bolt-in, canted-4-bar suspension systems directly replace the OEM leaf springs and shocks for remarkably improved handling and performance.

Leaf Spring Suspension Systems Leaf Spring Suspension Systems
A selection of performance suspensions ranging from improved stock-style components to track-ready torque arm and panhard bar enhanced systems.
Upper Control Arms Upper Control Arms Mark II
Double adjustable tubular upper control arms to give you superior handling over factory stamped steel arms. Our dropped billet pivot shafts provide precise pivot axis relocation without drilling additional mounting holes.
VariShock Bolt-Ins VariShock SensiSet (SS) Bolt-Ins
Performance Muscle Car aluminum shocks don't have to break the bank to provide the ride quality and performance you need.
Performance-Series Coil Springs Performance-Series Coil Springs
Performance-Series springs offer increased performance with linear srping rate and predictable handling characteristics.


Remote Reservoir Shocks
The all new VariShock QuickSet 4 remote-reservoir (Q4R) coil-overs provide bump and rebound valve adjustment at both high and low piston speeds. Q4R shocks are optional with front or rear coil-over suspensions or can be purchased separately to update your existing system.

  Mini Wheel Tubs Mini Wheel Tubs
Our new mini-tubs will save you hours of work and effort when making room for larger rear tires. Two-inch wider wheel tubs now include a factory-welded frame rail insert set, eliminating hours of fabrication time.
  Power Steering Pump Kits Power Steering Pump Kits
Choose from remote-mounted or integral reservoir pump kits in our fixed flow-rate aluminum Street pump or changeable flow-rate Pro pumps.

The following California proposition 65 warning applies to all Total Control products sold by Chassisworks.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit



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