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Weld-In Front Clip and Suspension

TCP Front Frame Clip with Suspension

Data Sheet
- Mustang - Falcon

Install Guide
- Mustang - Falcon

Tech Article
- Part I - Part II



Model Year
Comet 1960-1965
Cougar 1967-1970
Falcon 1960-1965
Mustang 1964-1970
Ranchero 1960-1965


  • Ford V8, Coyote, and LS-series mounts
  • Improved strength over OEM frame rails
  • Firewall forward (shown), extended rail option
  • Coil-over or air-spring suspension

Front Clip InstalledTotal Control Products offers a direct-fit, high-performance front subframe clip and suspension system designed for 1965-70 Mustang and Cougar, and 1960-65 Falcon, Comet, and Ranchero vehicle models. The system features a factory-welded subframe with tubular, double A-arm suspension and rack-and-pinion crossmember, eliminating the original shock towers to create more space in the engine bay. The versatile system accommodates a wide range of engine choices including Ford Coyote and Chevy LS-Series. With the broadest selection of supporting suspension, steering, and brake components, the TCP frame clip system is the most highly configurable system available. An excellent solution for those looking to enhance their classic vehicle's performance and handling.


"Pay As You Go"

Save money by installing it yourself! Or, have a shop weld on just the clip, then bring your project home for final assembly. Start with purchasing the weld-on clip and shock tower deletes. Later choose from a selection of bolt-on suspension packages and accessories to finish your build.

Multiple Suspension Systems

Five-different base suspension and steering systems are offered with a variety of options from which to choose. Detailed option selectors are viewable online by adding to your shopping cart.

  • Spindles: gStreet billet-aluminum, sculpted ductile-iron, fabcricated drag race
  • A-Arms: Street Machine, g-Machine, gStreet pro-touring
  • Coil-Overs: fixed, single, double, or 4-way adjustable valving
  • Air-Springs: single or double adjustable valving
  • Anti-Roll Bars: tubular and gun-drilled splined
  • Brakes: 11-3/4", 13", 14", 15", or drag race
  • Steering: power or manual rack and pinion
  • Column: multiple intermediate shafts and replacement columns

See Suspensions in E-Store

Welded Clip Assembies

Firewall-Length Subframe Clip

Chassisworks-assembled frame clip inserts and welds into factory frame-rail bulkhead. Select this option if OEM subframe rails are in good condition and vehicle is primarily used for street and mild performance applications.

Installed Firewall-Length Subframe Clip  

Full-Length Subframe Clip

Fully boxed rails with heavier wall thickness provide a more rigid structure. Recommended for high-performance, high-horsepower builds. Combine with TCP g-Connector subframe system to create a tubular structure that extends to the rear suspension.

Installed Full-Length Subframe Clip

Engine and Drivetrain Mounts

The significant increase in engine bay space makes room for most engine choices. Straight-forward, simple bolt-in installations are accommodated by our poly-bushed steel mounts for popular early- and late-model Ford and GM engines.

Ford Engines

  • Small Block - 260, 289, 302, 351W, 351C
  • FE Big Block - 390, 428, 428
    (Requires oil pan with external pump or dry sump system. See
  • Modular - 4.6L, Coyote

Chevrolet Engines

  • LS-Series
  • V8 (small block, big block)

NOTE: Download data sheet for oil pan fitment information.

Engine Mount Installed

E-Store: Options and Prices

Purchase ItemCougar 67-70 Purchase ItemFalcon 60-65 Purchase ItemMustang 65-66 Purchase ItemMustang 67-70


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