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g-Bar Canted-4-Bar Suspension System


Data Sheets: Mustang, Falcon
Instructions: Mustang, Falcon


g-Link with direct-fit FAB9
g-Link with direct-fit FAB9™ housing and splined-end anti-roll bar


AirBar with factory 9" housing
AirBar with factory 9" housing and sliding-link anti-roll bar

Total Control’s second generation g-Bar and g-Link systems represent the current state-of-the-art in canted-4-bar suspension design. The g-Bar system consists of three differen0t combinations of upper and lower link bars with your choice of coil-over or air-spring shocks. These options create six different variations to better suit your particular performance application. Each can be used with our vehicle-specific bolt-in FAB9™ housing or the vehicle’s existing housing.

Model Year
Falcon 1960-1965
Comet 1960-1965
Cougar 1967-1970
Mustang 1964-1973

See the E-STORE CATEGORY Adjustable Geometry
Upper and lower suspension link mounting brackets feature multiple positions to adjust chassis anti-squat and optimize vehicle handling. Upper links are length adjustable to set pinion angle and suspension preload if needed. g-Link lower arms are also adjustable for wheelbase variations and precise housing alignment.

Adjustable Shock Mounts
Billet aluminum double shear lower shock mounts bolt directly to the back of the lower control arm bracket and provide 4-1/2 inches of ride height adjustment. The three-position upper shock mount allows additional ride height adjustment, with the ability to provide increased stiffness for improved cornering or softer ride without changing springs.

System Options: VariShock coil-over or air-spring shocks;single- or double-adjustable valving; direct-fit FAB9™ housing or bolt-on axle brackets (for use with existing housing); urethane, pivot-ball, or billet pivot-ball suspension links; splined-end or sliding-link anti-roll bar.

For detailed product information and specific pricing download the g-Bar technical data sheet or contact our sales staff directly.

Coil-Over Systems

Includes: g-Bar cradle, axle brackets, upper and lower links, VariShock™ single-adjustable coil-overs, springs, and mounting hardware

g-Bar System (poly-eye)
Purchase Itemg-Bar (Poly-Eye)
g-Link System (pivot-eye)
Purchase Itemg-Link (Pivot-Ball)
Billet g-Link System (pivot-eye)
Purchase ItemBillet g-Link (Pivot-Ball)

Air-Spring Systems

Includes: g-Bar cradle, axle brackets, upper and lower links, single-adjustable air-spring shocks, and mounting hardware

g-Bar Air-Spring System (poly-eye)
Purchase Itemg-Bar (Poly-Eye)
g-Link Air-Spring System (pivot-eye)
Purchase Itemg-Link (Pivot-Ball)
Billet g-Link Air-Spring System (pivot-eye)
Purchase ItemBillet g-Link (Pivot-Ball)
Mini-Tub Coil-Over System

Provides approximately 2-3/4" of additional tire clearance on each side of the vehicle compared to the original leaf spring suspension

Mini-Tub g-Link System (poly-eye)
Purchase ItemMini-Tub g-Link (Pivot-Ball)
Mini-tub Billet g-Link System (pivot-eye)
Purchase ItemMini-Tub Billet g-Link (Pivot-Ball)

Installation Videos

1970 Mustang Mach I - Courtesy of CJ Pony Parts

1973 Mustang - Courtesy of Autoedit


System Options

Coil-Over Shocks

Accurately corner-balance the vehicle by varying spring preload. Choose from a selection of shock types and spring rates to match your vehicle's performance.

SensiSet (SS) — Factory-preset valving for street-performance applications.

QuickSet 1 (Q1) — Single-adjustable; 16-position knob adjusts bump and rebound simultaneously.

QuickSet 2 (Q2) — Double-adjustable; 16-position knobs adjust bump and rebound independently.

QuickSet 4 (Q4R) — 4-way-adjustable with remote reservoir; two pairs of 16-position knobs adjust bump and rebound independently at high- and low-piston speeds.

Air-Spring Shocks

Air spring equipped systems offer instant ride-height and ride-quality adjustment, with the VariShock air spring, in single- or double-adjustable versions. When fully deflated, the vehicle rests 5-6” inches below stock ride height and can be raised to driving height at the push of a button. A compressor system available separately) is required for operation.

VariShock Air-Spring Suspension

g-Bars feature premium polyurethane bushings with grease channels for smooth, quiet operation on street-performance vehicles.

g-Bar urethane upper links
g-Bar urethane lower links
g-Links feature deflection free pivot-ball assemblies for razor sharp handling on high-performance vehicles. g-Link pivot-ball upper links
g-Link pivot-ball lower links
Billet g-Links feature deflection free pivot-ball assemblies with a billet-aluminum I-beam lower link, perfect for attention grabbing appearance with matched performance. g-Link pivot-ball upper links
Billet g-Link pivot-ball lower links

Sliding-Link Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar
The sliding-link anti-roll bar system features a 5/8”-diameter, solid bar mounted to the same frame adapter brackets as the g-Bar suspension cradle for a complete bolt-on installation. Our unique sliding-link mechanism, utilizes three distinct indents at each end of the anti-roll-bar lever to create six incremental adjustments. The sliding-link anti-roll bar system can be used on the entire family of g-Bar suspensions.
Sliding-Link Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar

Purchase Item5812-M10 - Fits Mustang 64-73 and Cougar 67-70

Splined-End Tubular Anti-Roll Bar
Our splined-end anti-roll bar system features a 3/4”-diameter, bent-tube design, that mounts below the rearend housing. An adjustable, billet-pivot-socket mechanism threads into the g-Bar lower axle-bracket sleeve, and allows the bar to rotate smoothly in a play-free joint. Billet-aluminum arms extend forward, and are connected to the chassis through links consisting of adjustable-length, 3/8” rod-end assemblies. The splined-end anti-roll bar system can be used on the entire family of g-Bar suspensions.

Splined-End Tubular Anti-Roll Bar

Purchase Item5806-M10 - Fits Mustang 64-73 and Cougar 67-70

Note: Anti-roll-bar mounts are integrated into the g-Bar brackets system and must be selected at time of g-Bar purchase. Download the technical data sheet for specific information.

g-Bar Direct-Fit FAB9™ Housings
See the E-STORE CATEGORY Total Control’s g-Bar FAB9™ offers exceptional performance, reliability, and adjustability in a bolt-on, factory-welded housing, complete with all suspension brackets. Housings are engineered for proper clearance using either VariShock coil-over or air-spring suspension; with or without a back brace. Anti-roll-bar bracket options include chassis mounted (sliding-link bar), axle-housing mounted (splined-end bar), or no anti-roll-bar brackets installed.

Narrowed Housing Widths
Housings can be built to standard widths for OEM wheel offsets or narrowed to accommodate wider tire and wheel combinations. Widths can be narrowed in 1/4” increments to a wheel-to-wheel minimum of 55-1/4” (2” less than factory for 1965-1966 Mustang, and 4” less for 1967-1973 Mustangs and Cougars. Complete correct length axle packages and third members are also available. Ask our sales representatives for details.

g-Bar direct-fit FAB9 housing

g-Bar direct-fit FAB9 housing

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