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'67 Fairlane - R & D

Ford Fairlane
Rack & Pinions

(July 24, 2000) The Total Control Products Research & Development Team is currently working on a Rack & Pinion kit for '66-'67 Fairlanes. We recently installed a prototype version of the kit in a '67 Fairlane Ranchero and are evaluating the performance and effectiveness. To keep all you Fairlane owners up to speed on your future Rack & Pinion kit, we have included some photos of the first install.

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Factory Welded In Crossmember

The Crossmember Difference...

'65-'70 Mustangs have a bolt-in tubular crossmember which makes for a very convenient mounting location. Fairlane crossmembers are constructed out of sheetmetal and are welded into place. This means that our normal rack mounting area is obstructed and our primary mounting location is unavailable.

Removal of Crossmember

Making room...

A portion of the crossmember had to be cut away in order to make room for our rack. This is only the rear most flange of the crossmember. Using a die-grinder we were able to cut out just enough of the metal to allow proper clearance for the rack to operate normally. The structure of the rack provides increased strength over the portion of crossmember we removed.

Mounting Bracket Welded Into Place

Mounting Locations...

With the crossmember cut away we now have access to the lower control arm mounts. A mounting base was welded to the frame. This bracket is proportioned to fit tightly around the remaining lip of the removed crossmember. With the existing crossmember as a guide, the alignment of this bracket was very straight-forward.

Bolt Rack Into Place

Bolting it in...

Now that we have uncovered then created our mounting locations the rest of the installation was pretty uneventful. The rack now bolts right into place. The steering shaft is bolted to the pinion and the factory tie-rods hook right up to the rack's centerlink.

Monitoring the Install...

This prototype kit was installed on a Fairlane that is driven on a regular basis. We will now evaluate the install based on driver feedback and regular inspection.

Control Servo


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