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Leaf Springs

4-1/2 Leaf Mid Eye
4-1/2 Leaf Mid Eye

5 Leaf Reverse Eye
5 Leaf Reverse Eye

Total Control leaf springs are manufactured from the finest alloy steel to provide the best possible performance for your Mustang. Our leaf springs are available in two modified-eye styles and three-separate spring configurations, providing lower-than stock ride height, with three levels of ride quality and performance.

Model Year
Mustang 1964-1973
Leaf-Spring Selection Tips
Eye style determines car height. Leaf count determines ride quality and performance level. Four-leaf springs provide a ride slightly firmer than stock GT leaf springs, and are the correct choice for mostly street driven vehicles. Four and one-half-leaf springs are recommended for moderate performance and spirited street driving. The extra half leaf provides additional stiffness between the forward eye and axle, better resisting spring wrap-up. Five-leaf springs provide the firmest ride and resistance to wrap up, and are primarily used for performance driving.


Purchase ItemTCP LSM-M40 - Mid-eye, 4-leaf spring
Purchase ItemTCP LSM-M45 - Mid-eye, 4-1/2-leaf spring
Purchase ItemTCP LSM-M50 - Mid-eye, 5-leaf spring

Purchase ItemTCP LSM-R40 - Reverse-eye, 4-leaf spring
Purchase ItemTCP LSM-R45 - Reverse-eye, 4-1/2-leaf spring
Purchase ItemTCP LSM-R50 - Reverse-eye, 5-leaf spring

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Mid Eye

Mid Eye - Adding a counter bend at the base of each eye repositions the mounting bolts to sit along the centerline of the spring stack. This brings the axle closer to the chassis, lowering the vehicle roughly half the diameter of the spring eyes, or approximately 1”.

Reverse Eye Reverse Eye - Coiling the spring eyes in the opposite direction from stock, places the mounting bolts below spring-stack centerline, resulting in a ride height roughly 1-1/2” below stock. The ultra-low stance creates a sleek vehicle profile, and lowers the vehicle’s center-of-gravity for improved handling.
Standard Eye

Standard Eye - OEM leaf springs position the eyes above the centerline of the spring stack.

This places the axle at its furthest distance from the chassis, commonly referred to as the stock ride-height position.

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