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Mini-Tub g-Link Canted-4-Bar Suspension System


Technical Data Sheet
Installation Guide



The Mini-Tub g-Link further broadens the performance application range of our g-Link suspension series to include modern pro-touring builds with substantially larger tire and wheel sizes. The relocated lower control arm position provides approximately 2-3/4" additional clearance on each side of the vehicle when compared to the original leaf spring suspension, with an outside lower axle bracket with of only 39". Offset frame rails are also offered to improve chassis stiffness and maximize clearance. For use with our vehicle-specific bolt-in FAB9™ housing or the vehicle’s existing housing (weld-on bracket installation required).


Adjustable Geometry
Upper and lower suspension link mounting brackets feature multiple positions to adjust chassis anti-squat and optimize vehicle handling. Upper links are length adjustable to set pinion angle and suspension preload if needed. g-Link lower arms are also adjustable for wheelbase variations and precise housing alignment.


Adjustable Shock Mounts
Billet aluminum double shear lower shock mounts bolt directly to the back of the lower control arm bracket and provide 4-1/2 inches of ride height adjustment. The three-position upper shock mount allows additional ride height adjustment, with the ability to provide increased stiffness for improved cornering or softer ride without changing springs.

Model Year
Mustang 1964-1970

Offset Frame Rails and Mini-Tub Option

Some vehicles may already have mini-tubs installed. For this reason we offer our mini-tub set and offset frame rails as options for the g-Link Suspension. Our fully-boxed rails provide 2-3/4" additional clearance and a significant increase in strength over modified factory rail channels.

'64-70 Mustang Mini-Tubs


Purchase Item5913-M10-NFI - Mini-Tub Set (no rails)

Mini-Tub Offset Frame Rails

Suspension Options

g-Link Suspension

Tubular-steel construction and length-adjustment feature of the lower control arm make this system the correct choice for the highest levels of performance with precise tuning requirements.


Purchase Item5854-M10

g-Link Suspension

Double-Adjustable Upper Arms
Tubular Steel Lower Arms
Upper Arms
  • Billet-steel
  • Double-adjustable
  • Pivot-ball ends
Lower Arms
  • Tubular-steel
  • Adjustable length
  • Pivot-ball ends
  • High-clearance offset

Billet g-Link Suspension

The fixed-length billet-aluminum lower arm gives that added custom touch when peeking through the rear wheels. Make no mistake though, the lighter weight pocket-milled design is plenty robust for the meanest of street machines.


Purchase Item5854-M10 (option)

Billet g-Link Suspension

Double-Adjustable Upper Arms
Billet Aluminum Lower Arms
Upper Arms
  • Billet-steel
  • Double-adjustable
  • Pivot-ball ends
Lower Arms
  • Billet-aluminum
  • Fixed length
  • Pivot-ball ends
  • High-clearance offset

Bracket Options

FAB9 Rear End Housings

Due to the increased levels of traction and torque potentially generated by a mini-tubbed vehicle, we highly recommend all installations use our factory-welded FAB9 rear end housings. FAB9s feature 3" axle tubes with an internally boxed gusset area at the outsides of the center section for incredible strength and reliability.

FAB9 with Late-Big-Ford Sealed Housing Ends

Purchase Item84M10-801 - Mild Steel, Late-Big-Ford Ends

Purchase Item84M10-811 - 4130, Late-Big-Ford Ends


Weld-On Mounts

Upper Arm MountsFor customers wishing to use their existing Ford 9" rear end housing, we offer weld-on upper and lower control arm mounts with easy to use upper-arm weld fixture.

Upper Arm Weld Fixture


Purchase Item6732 - Upper Arm Weld Fixture

Lower Axle Brackets
FAB9 with Pro-Touring Floater Axle Housing Ends

Purchase Item84M10-80B - Mild Steel, Pro-Touring Floater

Purchase Item84M10-81B - 4130, Pro-Touring Floater

Splined-End Anti-Roll Bar

Our splined-end anti-roll bar features a 3/4”-diameter, bent-tube design, that mounts below the rear end housing. An adjustable, billet-pivot-socket mechanism threads into the lower axle-bracket sleeve and allows the bar to rotate smoothly in a play-free joint.


Purchase Item5821-M10

Splined-End Anti-Roll Bar Anti-Roll Bar Exploded View

Shock Options

Coil-Over Shocks

QuickSet 1 (Q1) — Single-adjustable; 16-position knob adjusts bump and rebound simultaneously.

QuickSet 2 (Q2) — Double-adjustable; 16-position knobs adjust bump and rebound independently.

QuickSet 4 (Q4R) — 4-way-adjustable with remote reservoir; two pairs of 16-position knobs adjust bump and rebound independently at high- and low-piston speeds.


Air-Spring Shocks

Air spring equipped systems offer instant ride-height and ride-quality adjustment, with the VariShock air spring, in single- or double-adjustable versions. When fully deflated, the vehicle rests 5-6” inches below stock ride height and can be raised to driving height at the push of a button. A compressor system available separately) is required for operation.

Single-Adjustable VariShock Coil-Over with COM-8 Eyes Double-Adjustable VariShock Coil-Over with COM-8 Eyes Double-Adjustable VariShock Coil-Over with Pivot-Ball Eyes2-1/2" ID Coil Spring 4-Way Adjustable VariShock Remote-Reservoir Coil-Over with COM-8 Eyes Single-Adjustable Air-Spring Shock with Poly Eyes Double-Adjustable Air-Spring Shock with Poly Eyes


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