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Weld-On Front Clip - '60-65 Falcon, Comet, Ranchero

Weld-On Front Clip and SuspensionThe front subframe clip for Falcons, Comets, Rancheros, Mustangs and Cougars enhances driving dynamics and overall performance.

Total Control Products


Subframe Connectors for Falcons and Comets

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring SuspensionThe Total Control Products subframe connector system enhances chassis rigidity by connecting the front and rear subframes, reducing flex and improving overall driving dynamics.

Total Control Products

g-Bar Suspensions for Falcons and Comets

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring SuspensionWith adjustable suspension geometry and the option to choose between coil-over or air-spring shocks, this suspension upgrade offers enhanced control and stability on the road.

Total Control Products


Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension for '64 -70 Mustangs

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension Relocated shocks and springs combined with the additional mini-tub clearance allow 2-3/4” more tire clearance on each side of the vehicle.

Total Control Products

1971-73 Mustang Rack and Pinion Conversion

1971-73 Mustang Rack and Pinion ConversionA top-notch performance steering system is now within grasp of 1973-73 Mustang and Cougar owners.

Total Control Products


Mini-Tub g-Link Suspension for '64 -70 Mustangs

Mini-Tub g-Link SuspensionFurther broadening the performance range of our g-Link suspension series to include modern pro-touring builds with substantially larger tire and wheel sizes.

Total Control Products

Rear Pushrod Suspension Conversion

The pushrod system replaces the leaf springs with VariShock™ coil-overs (2-way or 4-way adjustable), tubular trailing arms, watts link assembly, and heavy-duty torque arm. Rear Pushrod Suspension Conversion

Total Control Products


True Center Strut Rods for Early Mustangs and Related

True Strut Rods for Early Mustangs and RelatedThe TrueCenter™ pivot socket is a specialized concentric spherical bearing that maintains the correct strut-rod pivot position without the increased resistance or deflection under braking found with rubber and polyurethane bushings.

Total Control Products

Front Coil-Over Conversion

Front Coil-Over ConversionTrack proven performance yet well-mannered enough for daily street use. The system utilizes the primary factory mounting locations, greatly simplifying installation and allowing easy adaptation to related Ford and Mercury models from 1960 through 1977.

Total Control Products


g-Connector Subframe Systems

g-Connector Subframe SystemsOnce installed, the center supports create diagonal bracing across the undercarriage, forming a single reinforcement structure that includes the factory subframe and our weld-in subframe connectors.

Total Control Products

g-Bar and g-Link Suspensions
for Classic Mustangs and Cougars

g-Bar Canted-4-Bar Rear SuspensionArguably the most versatile suspensions available, the g-Bar system offers a huge array of configuration options, including link bars, anti-roll bars, VariShock coil-over or air-spring shocks, shock valving, and FAB9 rearend housings.

Total Control Products


Forged Spindles for Early Mustangs and Related

Forged Spindles for Early Mustangs and Related Based upon Ford’s proven 1970-73 disc-brake spindle, known for its large bearing size and stouter, more radiused design, the TCP spindles can be used with most compact and intermediate sized ‘60s and ‘70s Ford/Mercury vehicles due to common upper and lower balljoint tapers and spindle height.

Total Control Products

Adjustable Motor Mounts for
Mustang, Cougar and Falcon

Adjustable Motor MountsWhether working out exhaust or transmission clearance issues, or altering the engine position for improved weight distribution on your Mustang, Cougar, or Falcon, a new set of adjustable small-block motor mounts from Total Control Products may be just what you’re looking for.

Total Control Products


Bolt-On Upper A-Arm Coil-Over

Bolt-On Upper A-Arm Coil-OverEnjoy the flexibility and benefits of a coil-over suspension with a simple bolt-on shock conversion. A versatile, direct-replacement system for all Mustang-related Ford/Mercury models from 1960 to 1977.

Total Control Products

Panhard Bar System for 1964-73 Mustangs

Panhard Bar System for 1964-73 MustangsMore direct and connected feel during cornering from better control of side-to-side rearend housing movement with added benefit of specific tuning of the vehicle’s understeer-oversteer characteristics.

Total Control Products


Performance Leaf Spring Suspension Systems
for 1964-73 Mustangs

Leaf Spring Suspensions for 1964-73 Mustangs Newly added suspension packages ranging in performance stages from upgraded factory-style configuration to autocross or track day suited packages equipped with torque arm and panhard bar.

Total Control Products

Direct-Fit Motor Mounts for Early Mustang and Cougar

Direct-Fit Motor MountsOriginal and proven double-shear, through-bolt design eliminates any chance of motor-mount separation with high-performance Ford small-block or big-block engines.

Total Control Products


Custom-Fit Transmission Crossmember

Custom-Fit Transmission CrossmemberAn extremely versatile transmission crossmember useful for altering drivetrain position or '05-up Mustang transmission swap with available adapter.

Total Control Products

Rack and PInion for Early Mustang and Related

The premiere steering solution for 1964-73 Mustang/Cougar and 1960-65 Falcon/Comet/Ranchero. Geared toward the do-it-yourselfer, most installations are 100-percent bolt-on and use existing factory mounting locations.Rack and PInion Conversion for Early Mustang and Related

Total Control Products


Upper Control Arms for Early Mustang and Related

Upper Control Arms for Early Mustang and RelatedImproved braking stability, sharper steering response, reduced body-roll, and precise control of alignment settings are all easily achieved with this simple bolt-on from Total Control Products.

Total Control Products

Early Mustang Billet Shock and
Anti-Roll Bar Packages

Early Mustang Billet Shock and Anti-Roll Bar PackagesDirect-replacement front and rear suspension upgrade packages for classic Mustangs and related models. Kits include front and rear anti-roll bars matched with VariShock Bolt-Ins, a line of high-quality OEM-replacement shock absorbers.

Total Control Products





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