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TCP Rear Coilover Suspension available for Vintage Mustangs

Elk Grove, CA - February 3, 2003 -- Total Control Products (TCP) has recently released their brand new, fully adjustable, Rear Coilover Suspension for Vintage Mustangs and Cougars. Installation requires minor welding for four brackets, with absolutely no cutting. In keeping with TCP's ideal of non-intrusive installations, the entire unit can be unbolted and the original leafspring suspension can be reinstalled if desired. Adjustability features include: 3 inch ride height adjustment range, multiple trailing arm angles, variable shock compression and rebound rates, spring preload and pinion angle. The range of adjustments and available spring rates enable the system to be tuned for road course or street use.

TCP's rear suspension package makes use of technology used in many of today's modern road racing series. The double adjustable coilover shocks have been mounted in a laydown position. This orientation allows the use of an adjustable pushrod to determine ride height while greatly reducing unsprung weight. "Teflon Impregnated - Kevlar Race" rod ends and steel radius rods create adjustable links to precisely position the rear end. The trailing arms feature multiple mounting locations for additional suspension tuning options. A Watt's Link with roller bearing center pivot is used to keep rear end laterally positioned. The adjustable torque arm allows fine tuning of the pinion angle and prevents the rear end from rolling during acceleration and braking. The majority of the components are mounted directly to the main frame structure and are shipped pre-assembled. The entire unit can be easily unbolted from the four welded brackets to facilitate basic maintenance or entire rear end swaps.

Quality construction is apparent throughout the entire product. TIG welding has been exclusively used to achieve maximum weld penetration, strength and good looks. All of the components are powder coated or zinc plated to protect against weather and road conditions. All hardware used is grade 8 for improved strength.

All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included with each kit.



  • 9"rear end housing, 3" axle tubes
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
      • Satin finish
      • Polished finish
  • Subframe Kit 2T (Torque Arm bracket welded)
  • Subframe Kit 1


MSRP: $3,400 - $5,200




  • Minus: Rear Housing, SF1, SF2T - 96 lbs.
  • Including: Rear Housing, SF1, SF2T - 185 lbs.


  • Powder Coating
  • Clear Zinc Plating
  • Anodized Aluminum


Click on images for larger view.

View - Rear Bottom


View - Front Top


View - Rear Top


View - Front Top


Total Control Products has been in business since 1995 and is based in Elk Grove, California. For more information visit their website at

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