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Rear Suspension Systems

Pushrod Coil-Over Suspension SystemPushrod Coil-Over Suspension System
The TCP Rear Pushrod Suspension System enables dramatically improved handling performance for Classic Mustangs and Fords in a high-tech, self-contained package.
g-Bar and gLink Canted-4-Barg-Bar and gLink Canted-4-Bar
A direct bolt-on rear coil-over suspension system with the options and versatility to work exceptionally well in the broadest of performance ranges.
Leaf Spring Suspension SystemLeaf Spring Suspension Systems
The system includes everything needed to update your Mustang’s rear suspension with improved leaf-spring technology.
FAB9 Leaf-Spring Rearend HousingsPanhard Bar System
Our panhard bar system for leaf-spring suspensions greatly improves vehicle handling response by providing superior control over side-to-side movement of the rearend housing.

gStreet Anti-Roll Bar and Shock Packages

A selection of direct-replacement front and rear suspension upgrade packages; includes front and rear anti-roll bars matched with VariShock Bolt-Ins.

9" Housing Torque ArmFord Housing Torque Arm
The TCP Torque Arm is a bolt-on, Pinion angle adjustable, traction device that can be used with our rear pushrod or factory leaf spring suspensions.
FAB9 Leaf-Spring Rearend HousingsFAB9™ Leaf-Spring Rearend Housings
Direct-fit FAB9™ fabricated housings are available for most models of leaf-spring equipped Mustangs, Cougars, Falcons, and Comets from 1960 through 1973.
Leaf SpringsLeaf Springs
Our leaf springs are available in two modified-eye styles and three-separate spring configurations
Leaf Spring PlatesLeaf Spring Plates
Our direct replacement leaf spring plates feature an integrated tiedown loop for added convenience when securing a vehicle to a trailer.
U-Bolt SetU-Bolt Set
Recommended for use with LSP-01 or LSP-02 leaf-spring plates as the stock leaf-spring plates will not accept these larger diameter u-bolts.

VariShock Bolt-InsVariShock Bolt-Ins
USA made, factory-replacement performance shock absorbers that provide the ride quality and performance you need in street and autocross applications.

Leaf-Spring BushingsLeaf-Spring Bushings
Total Control leaf-spring, polyurethane bushing sets provide a more stable interface between the leaf springs and the chassis.
Rear Anti-Roll BarAnti-Roll Bar
The solid anti-roll bar measures 3/4 and features multiple endlink mounting holes for a total of three incremental rate adjustments.
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