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Strut Rods Mark II

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Strut Rods
Purchase ItemTCP STRD-05-SVH - 1965-66 (image)
Purchase ItemTCP STRD-06-SVH - 1967 (image)
Purchase ItemTCP STRD-07-SVH - 1968-73 (image)

Model Year
Comet 1960-1977
Cougar 1967-1973
Cyclone 1964-1971
Fairlane 1966-1971
Falcon 1960-1970
Maverick 1970-1977
Montego 1968-1971
Mustang 1964-1973
Ranchero 1960-1971
Torino 1968-1971


Applications Chart

The primary functions of the strut rod are to limit fore/aft movement of the lower control arm and to provide a means of fine tuning the amount of caster in the alignment. We have addressed this using modern materials and manufacturing techniques; developing a system that offers predictable handling and adjustability without shortening the original strut rod length.

Our newly redesigned strut rod makes improvements in the areas of performance, serviceability, and ease of installation. The key to these refinements is our billet concentric pivot assembly; the first of its kind. A set of uniquely mounted, pre-loaded Delrin® bushings move the pivot point to an improved location increasing the effective length of the lower arm assembly and improving the axis angle. The net result is reduced caster change during braking and cornering, leaving you with not only a better handling vehicle but one that affords driver comfort as well.

Reliable, long lasting performance from any vehicle system requires high quality components and the ability to service them for regular maintenance. The pivot assembly can be easily lubricated to further increase the low friction properties of the Delrin® bushings. Should the bushings begin to wear over thier lifespan a quick adjustment of the threaded retaining nut and performance is restored to like new conditions.

Each component is manufactured in-house utilizing our state of the art CNC multi-axis mills, sheet metal lasers, and robotic spray arc welders, resulting in unmatched production accuracy. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that the product will install easily on its intended application.

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